Mammogram mammography mammo ottawaMammography is an x-ray procedure that helps to identify breast cancer in its early stages – long before lumps can be felt by physical examination, and while the cancer is still small enough to be treated effectively.

Mammograms are divided into 2 main types – screening mammograms and diagnostic mammograms. Screening mammograms are performed for patients who have no symptoms of breast cancer. Diagnostic mammograms are performed for patients of any age, who have specific breast symptoms such as new pain, lump or unusual changes to the breast or surrounding tissue. This testing is often performed in combination with a breast ultrasound study to exclude any evidence of cancer.

When you arrive at MMI for your mammogram, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. You will then be required to undress from the waist up and put on a gown. Each breast will be individually imaged and positioned between 2 plastic plates so that it can be compressed and flattened. It is necessary to compress the breasts to properly perform the test. Some women may feel discomfort; however you should not experience significant pain.

The amount of radiation used in mammography testing is minimal and is considered to be very safe.

MMI is proud to offer DR digital mammography technology which replaces film images with digital images that are stored directly on a computer. Computer software can then be utilized to manipulate the images to aid in diagnoses.

MMI is also proud to be affiliated with the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP).

For more information, please refer to the list of Mammography FAQs.

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