Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP)

Ontario Breast Screening Program OBSP MammogramMMI is proud to be affiliated with the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP), that encourages women between the ages of 50 and 69 to undergo regular mammography screening.  Once enrolled in the OBSP program, you will be reminded to have regular mammography screenings until the age of 74.

You do not need a physician’s referral or requisition to participate in this program.  At your request and with your consent, we can send a copy of the results to your doctor.  MMI will also remind you when it is time for your next mammogram.

To participate in OBSP, you must:

  • Be a resident of Ontario
  • Have not had a mammogram in the past 11 months
  • Must not have breast cancer
  • Must not have breast implants
  • Must not currently have acute breast symptoms (pain, lumps, etc.)


To learn more about OBSP, please visit their website.

The following links have been provided for your information:

1.  Cancer Care Ontario

A breast assessment handbook.

2.  Canadian Cancer Society

Services, support and publications.

3.  Breast-cancer.ca

A large online resource for benign and malignant breast diseases.

4.  Halls.md

A risk assessment calculator.