Patient Testimonials

Excerpt from letter written June 4, 2013:

“I would like you to know that I have been to your clinic three times since January, 2013. On each visit I was amazed at the coordination shown from entering the main door until I am shown into your area.

“The ladies at reception greet one with a smile and are very pleasant to deal with. They were very kind and super caregivers.  Please accept my thanks for such outstanding attention and care you all are giving.”


Excerpt from email received December 5, 2012:

“After having visited your clinic for 3 appointments yesterday I felt that I would be remiss in not commenting on the excellent service that you provide to your clients.  The staff are all so friendly and pleasant and what was most remarkable was how they interact with each other…the cooperation and respect was noted in every department…all in all a very pleasant experience…not something you would expect to say after having a Bone Density, Mammogram, and Abdominal Ultrasound…all done within 1 hour. Kudos to the staff, keep up the excellent work.”


Excerpt from letter written December 2, 2012

Kemptville, Ontario

Dear Minister Matthews,

In this time of complaint about the health care system, I wanted to share with you my very positive experience.

I had an appointment with Merivale Medical Imaging in Ottawa as part of the Breast Cancer Screening Program.  As requested I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment time.  The waiting room was packed, and I groaned, wondering if I should have brought a copy of War & Peace to read while I waited.  However, within a minute of my scheduled appointment time I was called in and the mammogram done.  I was out in 20 minutes.  This was a very, very busy clinic, but the processing was so efficient.

As it so happened I was called 2 days later for a call back for a second series of x-rays.  An appointment was booked that week – I didn’t even have time to fuss & worry.  Again, my mammogram appointment was bang on time, with an ultrasound 15 minutes later.  This was followed by a consultation with one of their personnel, who gave a thorough and comprehensible explanation of the results (a biopsy is required).

I can’t speak highly enough of the professionalism and care of the people I encountered at that clinic.  Yes, it is possible to have an efficient yet caring medical service.  If you are looking for benchmarks for high standards, may I suggest you look at Merivale Medical Imaging clinic in Ottawa.

I just wanted you to know that there are successes in the Ontario medical system, and that they are appreciated.



C.C. Merivale Medical Imaging

1370 Clyde Avenue, Nepean, ON  K2G 3H8


Excerpt from email received September 30, 2012:

“Following our previous conversation in person, I just wanted to send a long overdue note about my return experience at MMI on September 6th for which I was scheduled for an ultrasound and a bone density test immediately following.  My first test started at exactly my appointment time.

“I was so impressed with the ultrasound technologist.  She was bright and smiley and was very sensitive to the manner of the ultrasound and checked in with me every so often to make sure I was ok.  She was very knowledgable regarding my technical questions and the whole experience left me pleasantly surprised.  When we were done, she took me right away [for the bone density test] instead of having to go back to the waiting room.The technologist in the bone density area was very reassuring and informative and while the test progressed she answered my technical questions including such things about radiation exposure levels.  She was very knowledgable and pleasant.  I felt like I was in very competent hands.

“These 2 employees are shining stars and I hope you are able to let them know that their professionalism, patient care manner and their positive energy are noticed and extremely appreciated.”